Johan Trollip Exhibition

Posted on Mon September 11, 2017.

Johan Trollip is exhibiting his work in Le Petit Chateau.

Johan Trollip was born in East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa. After almost 30 years in the Banking industry and living in Johannesburg, he decided to leave the corporate world and settled in the small town of Steytlerville, Eastern Cape, South Africa to pursue his second career as an Artist. 

The subject matter of his paintings is wide and varied and he approaches every piece as an exploratory journey of learning and experimentation. He aspires to create work which has a long term message and wants the viewer to experience something new every time they look at a piece. Complacent and repetitive are words he never wants to be associated with his work. Every space, person or object is unique in its own setting/ environment and he challenges himself to interpret that uniqueness and the emotion it invokes. His work is influenced by physical environment and the people who make up the rich community of Steytlerville.