Luxury Accommodations Durbanville

Luxury Accommodations Durbanville

Le Petit Chateau provides accommodation in 6 stylishly decorated rooms, each with its own unique color scheme, as well as a spacious self-catering cottage that is fully equipped for longer stays. We also have one budget self-catering unit, equipped with kitchenette for longer stays, e.g. for students or digital nomads.

A delicious breakfast is included with your stay.

Located in the upscale northern suburbs of Cape Town, the venue is close to major businesses, entertainment centers, wine routes and estates, sports venues, and other popular tourist attractions. 

Enjoy uninterrupted power accommodation. The guest house follows a sustainable business approach, using solar panels to co-generate power and protect from load shedding, not leaving you sitting in the dark.

Find Comfort With Le Petit Chateau Accommodation in Durbanville
In a world where we can have everything, quality loses its value, and special things rarely stand out. Enjoy high-quality foods, wine, and cheese while relaxing and staying on top of your business in comfort.

The ideal escape that finds the true balance between work and life, in a world where we can get anything, good stuff just isn't as special anymore.

So, kick back, relax, and treat yourself to some top-notch food, vino, and cheese while you juggle work and play. It's the perfect getaway that nails that work-life balance.

Business Accommodation Durbanville
Escape from your usual work setting and enjoy uninterrupted sessions with your team in a peaceful environment designed to help you unwind and gain a new perspective. 

This change of scenery will foster a more open and collaborative atmosphere, allowing for new ideas and perspectives to emerge. It will also provide an opportunity for your team to recharge and come back to work feeling rejuvenated and motivated. 

Le Petit Chateau is conveniently located in Durbanville, surrounded by nearby businesses, and only a short 5-minute drive from Mediclinic Durbanville Hospital. 

If you're looking to discuss business while playing a few rounds of golf, Le Petit Chateau is conveniently located near Durbanville Golf Club, just a 6-minute drive away. 

Private Functions and Accommodation Durbanville
A cozy and inviting venue with a fireplace and room for 50 guests, perfect for hosting private events or anniversaries and celebrating in a stylish manner, with the opportunity to have the entire venue to yourselves. Maximize your time at Le Petit Chateau by combining business events with celebrations. 

Wedding Venue Accommodation Durbanville
Wedding Venue Accommodation Durbanville If you are looking for accommodation in Durbanville, you are in for a treat.

The beautiful Western Cape of South Africa offers a variety of stunning venues. Le Petit Chateau guest house offers the perfect wedding accommodation for you and your guests.

Self-catering Accommodation
Le Petit Chateau offers a tranquil self-catering accommodation experience, perfect for those seeking both comfort and independence. This charming guest house, located in Durbanville, is an oasis of peace, providing guests with a homely atmosphere that combines luxury with the convenience of self-catering facilities.

At Le Petit Chateau, every room is a testament to comfort and elegance. Guests are welcomed with complimentary WiFi, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout their stay. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who like to stay connected, whether for work or leisure. The guest house is also equipped with solar panels, ensuring uninterrupted power supply even during load shedding, adding to the overall comfort and reliability of the accommodation.

The rooms at "Le Petit Chateau" are not just spaces to rest, but are thoughtfully designed to cater to all your needs. They come equipped with modern amenities like DSTV , environmental-friendly toiletries and coffee/tea facilities, ensuring a stay that is both relaxing and convenient. The staff's friendly and helpful nature further enhances the experience, making guests feel right at home.

Le Petit Chateau's location in Durbanville is ideal for both corporate groups and families. Its serene setting offers a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, yet it is close enough to Cape Town's attractions for those who wish to explore.

In summary, "Le Petit Chateau" is more than just a self-catering accommodation; it's a comfortable, convenient, and serene home away from home.

Le Petit Chateau a statement regarding Durbanville Accommodation
Le Petit Chateau Guest House in Durbanville is a hidden gem when it comes to Durbanville accommodation. This charming guest house, nestled in the heart of Western Cape[Harry]  and next door to one of the worldwide well-known winelands of South Africa, offers a delightful retreat for travellers seeking comfort and exceptional cuisine.

Upon arrival at Le Petit Chateau, guests are greeted with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The rooms are elegantly decorated, providing a cosy haven for relaxation. The attention to detail in the décor and furnishings ensures a comfortable stay for every guest.

What truly sets Le Petit Chateau apart is its exceptional dining experience. We do offer “dinner”, yet, most of the time the guests can choose from different providers’ menu and we organize everything on their behalf. 

The combination of comfortable rooms and outstanding food creates a perfect retreat for both leisure and business travellers. Whether you're exploring the nearby wineries, attending conferences, or simply seeking a peaceful getaway, Le Petit Chateau provides the ideal Durbanville accommodation experience.

In summary, Le Petit Chateau Guest House in Durbanville offers an unparalleled blend of comfort and culinary excellence. From the well-appointed rooms to the exceptional dining, this guest house ensures that every guest enjoys a delightful stay. If you're looking for Durbanville accommodation that goes above and beyond, Le Petit Chateau should be at the top of your list.